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Lebeza psychiatry clinic was established in 2018 with the aim and vision of delivering quality mental health service for the vast gap observed in the mental health industry. After the establishment, the company has made an exciting journey by navigating through the private mental health sector. Though the journey , Lebeza still holds the same values as the company’s inception, which is excellence and innovation in mental health. It has grown from one psychiatrist to thirteen psychiatrists and from two staff to thirty-five employees through the years. It runs a private clinic with a 16 bed capacity and a consultancy office currently engaging with stakeholders, including UN agencies. The company has been working in collaboration with different home grown and international organizations including

The clinic is known by it’s unique services like trauma focused care ,child psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. The consultancy wing is known for it’s work in training manual preparation and standardized trainings.

Our Services

1. Outpatient services include but not limited to

• Anxiety, Depression and Sleep disorders.
• Severe mental disorders like Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder.
• Addiction Psychiatry for various alcohol and drug use
• Group and individual psychotherapy
• Sexual Disorders
• Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
• Mental health fitness assessments for various purposes like traveling and work fitness.

2. Inpatient services

• Emergency Psychiatry Admission for
 Physically Violent Patients due to Mental Health condition.
 Self-harm and suicidal behaviors
 Substance detox

3. Tele-psychiatry Service

Lebeza has long been actively providing telepsychiatry for Ethiopians living in the diaspora through a prescheduled telemedicine platform. Get your video consultation from wherever you are. To connect into our tele-consultation service please request booking

4.Home care service

Lebeza provides home care service for those who are unable to come to consultation to our clinic .For more information please check our information desk.

5.Consultancy Services

o Training, coaching and mentoring on varied mental health topics
o Mental health consultation for manual development, research and for organizations implementing mental health project

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